Know your strengths

by | Jun 3, 2023 | Positivity, Resilience

Do you know your strengths?

Positive Psychology is the science of thriving and it’s an approach that concentrates on building on strengths to promote wellbeing and resilience.

Your strengths are your unique personality traits, your natural areas of excellence, and it’s where your natural capacity to excel lies. 

According to research by the Gallup organization, the likelihood of you having the same character strength profile as another person is 1:34 million!  (at the time of writing, 30 million people have completed the CliftonStrengths assessment).  Your particular combination of natural abilities makes you unique! 

Investing time in practicing your talents – your natural ways of thinking and feeling – helps you develop real strengths.  Knowing and using your strengths helps you to become the best version of yourself.

Strengths is part of one of the Positive Psychology pillars and out of all the incredible mindset shifts that resulted from my coaching course , the Strengths training was the area that accelerated my confidence and self-belief in my abilities the most. 

Strengths training guides you to identify your natural talents and helps you to see how they have helped you achieve in the past.  It helps you to be conscious of when you use them today and to build on them so that they become real strengths that you can call upon when you need some help or when you have something you want to achieve.  

Build resilience and confidence

This is why I love Strengths training as this is the effect it’s had on me.  When you identify what you’re good at, you know you have the capabilities to achieve what you want.  It gives you the confidence to push yourself and believe in yourself.  When the bad moments happen, you’re more resilient because you know that you have what it takes to bounce back and you know what strengths you can call on to help you in times of struggle. 

Signature strengths are those that are most core to who you are, and they are likely to be where you find your highest energy.  Understanding and building on your unique strengths can help you reach goals and become happier. 

Research shows that only 30% of people know their strengths! Are you one of them?  If not, would you like to belong to that group?

You can start by thinking of the things you’re good at doing and that you enjoy.  What character traits are you using in those moments when you’re fully immersed in an activity and being your most productive?  When you’re doing something that really energises you and time flies – what strengths are you using?