Strengths Coaching

And positive psychology

Positive psychology is the study of human flourishing and well-being. It focuses on positive emotions, character strength and resilience.

Positive Psychology Coaching helps you cultivate gratitude and optimism. It’s a path of personal growth and better relationships with others. It can change your perspective, making you more resilient and happy.

By using the tools you learn your well-being improves, life satisfaction grows,  and you feel more positive and excited about your future.

  • Is it time for some personal growth?
  • Do you have a goal you want to reach?
  • Do you need a confidence boost?
  • Do you want to become more resilient?
  • Looking to improve your relationships?

Stop feeling stuck and unsure and instead look ahead to the next chapter of your life feeling strong and confident in your abilities.

Believe in yourself and your abilities and reach your potential.

Positive Psychology Coaching and Strengths training helped me find direction and motivation and it can help you too.

Your strengths are what you are naturally best at. Identifying and developing these talents is your pathway to more success and happiness in all aspects of your life.

Strengths support you through life’s challenges, helping you to bounce back quicker from difficulties.

Strengths coaching is a highly-researched, scientifically based approach to succeeding in life.

I signed up for a Positive Psychology Coaching course at a very low point of my life, when I had lost my sense of belonging and identity.  The course changed my mindset and helped me more than I could have imagined.  I am particularly fascinated by the Strengths  pillar of the Positive Psychology Coaching framework which has boosted my confidence and self-belief and increased my resilience.  I’ve taken my own deep-dive into it so that I can bring it to you!

Where you can start…

You will no doubt discover that you’re already aware of your strengths, but because they are things that come to you so easily – the things that you naturally do well – you probably disregard them as insignificant.

Take some time to think about something you’ve done in the last week when you were really engaged, something was going well and time was flying.  What were you doing?  Where were you?  What aspects of your character were you using?

Kindness, leadership, curiosity, creativity?  These are a few examples of some of the most researched character strengths and values that come together to make you the unique individual that you are. We all have different character strengths profiles and all our strengths come together in different ways.

Your talents turn into real strengths when you invest the time to understand them and practice them.  These are skills that everyone can learn and that can help you boost every area of your life.

It’s an amazing investment in yourself and what you learn will not only give you confidence and direction, but a stronger, happier you will positively influence those around you as well.

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