Preparing women for their

next level of success.

– When it’s time to move to the next chapter in your story…

– When a life-changing event means the future you imagined has gone, you’re lost and are no longer sure of your path or your identity…

– When you want to improve your self-belief and confidence…

 …strengths-based Positive Psychology coaching can help you find motivation and excitement for your happy and successful future.

You can move from overwhelm or loss to find resilience, confidence and energy and feel excited about your life.

Take back control

Find your new path and a new sense of direction, building on your own unique strengths so that you can go after your new dreams armed with all the tools you need!

Positive Psychology coaching worked for me to help me build confidence and find direction and it can help you too!

This is a scientifically-based, highly researched approach to wellbeing, giving you the tools you need to feel happier by building on your positive emotions, increasing your resilience, (re)finding your meaning and your values, improving your relationships, supporting your health and helping you achieve your goals. All of this will lead to you being more motivated and energised, more confident and open to new opportunities.

Life will always test you, but with this positivity toolbox you’ll be able to bounce back faster from the tough moments and live the successful life you want!

“I took part in the ‘Making the most of this moment’ course.  It was a great moment of sharing and also learning with like-minded people. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and I felt nurtured, listened to and calm.  Thank you Lindsay you are fabulous and I look forward to attending more  sessions in the future.”  — Dina

“Lindsay is professional and warm and makes you feel at ease so you can get the most out of her work and her incredible knowledge.  Thank you Lindsay, you made a huge difference in our lives!” — Gemma

“As I entered my 50s, I realized that I needed to make a change in the way I eat and deal with food and stress.  This course has helped me to understand that you can prepare tasty dishes even with organic food and ingredients that are often not used in traditional cooking.” — Barbara

I really enjoyed doing the strengths session with you. Finding out what my best qualities are and know that I can use them everyday at work, related to people and solve problems is very useful and gives me a special tool to rely on.

Your enthusiasm is energising and motivating. Thanks for having shown me that focusing on our strengths instead of our weaknesses is the way to go! – Mary


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