"Stop living in fear and start living your dreams" – Mel Robbins

Hi, I’m Lindsay and I’m a qualified Health Coach (IIN) and Positive Psychology Coach (PPCA).

The combination of my coaching specialisations, together with my own experience of a separation mean I’m expertly placed to help you feel hopeful, excited and confident to go out and live an amazing life.

My framework of healthy eating, healthy living and healthy mindset with strengths and positivity at the core is both simple and practical, leading to huge transformation.

My own experience of separation was tough. Due in part to my own mindset: unable to let go of my concept of the nuclear family and my fear of the future.

Losing so much of what I had placed my identity on as well as my imagined future was something that I clung to in misery for a very long time.  All the loss had to be grieved, and at that time envisioning a new future and finding a new direction seemed impossible. 

My background as a health coach stopped me from hitting rock bottom, but it still wasn’t enough and I was in need of something more for my mindset.

I came across Positive Psychology and signed up for a coaching course hoping this might be the way to change my perspective and improve my mood. 


Positive Psychology is the science of thriving and it focuses on what’s working instead of what needs fixing, which is what initially attracted me to it. But I got so much more out of it than I expected!  As well as learning how to build optimism and resilience, there was an amazing increase in my self-belief and sense of direction.

Whether you’ve been through a breakup and it’s time to stand up and find yourself again, or you need some self-belief and strategies to start a new chapter of life for any other reason,  I’m passionate about showing you how to feel confident and excited again about what your life can be.  I can’t wait to share the tools that have helped me.

I’ve put together a range of offerings so that there’s something to suit wherever you are today – whatever your availability, budget or commitment – in both personal and corporate settings.

So, if you’re ready to boost your mindset and your health, contact me now! I look forward to getting to know you and showing you all the possibilities there are!

To your health, happiness and the next level 0f your success,

Lindsay Guest



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