Workplace Wellness Programmes

Why invest in a Workplace Wellness programme?

The challenges faced by employers today are many, and also diverse in nature following the pandemic.  What is your organisation looking for today?

  • Solutions to attract and retain engaged, committed employees
  • Ways to amplify our package to contribute to the wellbeing of our team
  • Solutions that will increase motivation and productivity and improve teamwork
  • Inspiration for engaging, effective team-building events?

A Health Coaching approach can help with all of this.

COVID and changes to working practices

The changes in working practices since the pandemic create many challenges for employers; dealing with remote working whilst trying to maintain team cohesion; increased demands for a work-life balance; employees expecting a competitive package which should include growth, education and experiences as well as an attractive salary; the new ‘trend’ of quiet quitting…

As an employer who wants to demonstrate the importance of their employees and promote a positive company culture, you want to help your team find balance in their lives whilst also boosting their engagement and performance and therefore also their productivity.

Wellness programmes and continued development  help keep your existing employees happy and allow you to attract the best new recruits and boost retention rates.


A Wellness programme helps to:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase participation in team work
  • Increase satisfaction and motivation
  • Improve business image

Workplace Wellness programmes steadily produce a positive ROI.

Why choose a health coach?

As a Health Coach I help clients to make positive changes in diet and lifestyle to improve both physical and mental health.

Adding Positive Psychology Coaching – a science-based approach to boosting management skills and teamwork –  gives a 360° approach to wellness and productivity.

By working with a qualified professional, companies benefit from their employees being given the education, tools and inspiration to make and maintain better habits and behaviours in areas of health, stress management and mindset. Participants discover a renewed focus and sense of well-being, boosting their sense of engagement and commitment.   As a result, participants have a higher performance and are more productive and the company culture is also enhanced at the same time.




  • 4 sessions of 50 mins each providing basic nutrition information and the link to lifestyle, energy, stress, performance
  • Optional additional sessions chosen from a programme menu to suit your focus areas
  • Practical, sustainable tips and advice that can be applied by all
  • Live Q&As to close the sessions

Format:  on-site or online  Languages:  English and Italian



  • 3-hour workshop
  • Participants learn their signature strengths – their natural areas of talents
  • Identify collective team stengths and understand, celebrate and capitalise on differences
  • An empowering and effective way to boost engagement and to maximise team potential and performance success

Format: on-site (with pre-session strengths assessments) Languages:  English and Italian


Workshops, Events, Programmes

On-site or online solutions tailored to your requirements.   Some examples:


Customised events promoting mental and physical wellbeing. Nutrition, self-care, Positive Psychology strengths training and more ….


 Short training programmes in a relaxed atmosphere to maximise professional development, skill building and team bonding.


Stress managment techniques to restore and revive, and to improve daily habits.


Single workshops or a foundation course in nutrition. How to eat for lasting energy and concentration.

Email me for further information on formats and pricing.

About me

I qualified as a Health Coach with IIN – the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – in New York, where I learned forward-thinking theories and techniques regarding the concept of nutrition and holistic wellness.

Adding my qualification as Positive Psychology Coach (PPCA), I am able to offer an all-round apporoach to wellness which is as exciting and innovative as it is effective.

I’m British but have lived in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland for over 16 years and am able to offer courses in both English and Italian.

Through my work with private 1:1 clients, workshops, Workplace Wellness webinars and group coaching, I use my practical, realistic approach and enthusiasm to show how easy it can be to take small steps through simple daily choices which lead to incredible changes in the way you live your life and the way you feel.

We have all experienced the difference in our productivity when our energy levels are high and we are feeling well.  I show you how to achieve and maintain this way of living in the midst of a hectic work and home schedule, bringing tangible results.

“Lindsay has worked with us over a 2 year period and provided engaging proposals for her webinars. Our employees enjoyed and highly appreciated Lindsay’s health and nutrition sessions. The healthy recipes and practical tips that Lindsay provided were a real hit for our employees. We can recommend her courses to others.” — Dora Witschi-Hegedüs, PwC | Organisational Development Specialist

“This Session was very informative and well structured.  It gave me tips that I actually want to try out and the Q&A session was most useful.” — Participant feedback

“Lindsay gives very good examples for meal ideas that she does for herself and gives tips for busy people which are very useful for me. Really appreciate that the firm invests in those topics” — Participant feedback

“Very useful information and practical tips provided during the session. I loved the recipe examples and the “action plan” with steps on how to achieve the goals.” — Participant feedback

Nutrition – Lifestyle– Self-care

My Workplace Wellness packages are designed with people at the core. Wellness workshops and webinars give groups of employees or private individuals the chance to take a step back from their professional, personal and daily responsibilities in order to re-group, re-charge and re-energize.

Participants discover a renewed focus and sense of well-being, boosting their sense of engagement and commitment.

Email me

For further information on formats and pricing.

“The first wealth is health.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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