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Now you’ve had a chance to read a little more about my offerings maybe you have some questions.  Here are some of the most common queries.  Just contact me if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

How do I get started?

Contact me to arrange a free 30 minute call so we can decide on the best option for you based on where you are today in terms of your goals, time availability and budget. 

What exactly is health coaching?

Most of us know WHAT we should eat and HOW we should live in order to improve our health and prevent illnesses.  Despite this, we may not be actually  live in this way, and this is where health coaching comes in – it’s about keeping you accountable and supporting you along the way to creating a better lifestyle and healthier relationship with food. 

Health coaching helps you to find your balance in your life and improve your overall wellbeing by creating and maintaining lasting changes in your life.  It’s about helping you to become your own health expert as you learn to listen to your body.
Through health coaching you will identify your values and priorities, challenging yourself and looking into areas of your life that might need improvements. It involves inner work and it certainly isn’t a quick fix! Achieving true, sustainable change takes time and the journey will teach you how to truly maintain a happier and healthier life.

Why is it different to a nutritionist or dietician?

Registered Dieticians or nutritionists often work in conventional medical settings, helping patients with diagnosed health conditions.  They ensure a certain level of standard practice.  They have less availability for individualised support however, and their scope of practice does not take into account the non-food forms of nourishment that facilitate or prevent healing (stress reduction, sleep, adequate hydration, self-care etc). A dietician is generally less able to provide guidance or ongoing support to patients, and their focus is more on disease-management and the elimination of symptoms.  The role of a health coach is to help you thrive in life, guiding and supporting the development of and progress towards personal wellness goals.  A health coach will not prescribe a specific diet but instead focuses on low-risk changes that be made to improve overall wellbeing and promote healthy habits.

Do you prescribe diets?

I do not promote any single diet or way of eating.  I have studied many dietary theories and I can help you navigate the often conflicting information, guiding you towards the best approach for you.

I believe in balanced, healthy eating and my recommendations do not include calorie or macro counting (although there can be a time and place for this).  Calorie counting can create a mindset of restriction and deprivation and it is not a sustainable practice.  Through health coaching you will learn to listen to your body’s hunger and satiation cues, bringing you to having a healthy relationship with food and helping reduce emotional/stress eating.  You will concentrate on increasing healthy, whole foods.


Can a health coach diagnose health conditions or prescribe medication?

It is not within the scope of practice as a health coach to diagnose specific medical conditions or to prescribe medication. It is an individual’s personal responsibility to consult directly with their health care provider before, during and after coaching.

Any information or advice I provide is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition. Any information or advice is to be solely relied upon as nutritional and lifestyle recommendations towards supporting a healthier body and mind. Individuals should consult their health care provider before making any health care decisions or for advice about a specific medical condition. Where necessary, I may refer you to the relevant health professionals.

Can you tell me more about your certification?

I qualified as a Health Coach with IIN, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  This is a cutting-edge Health Coaching Training Programme through which I studied many dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and my knowledge of different dietary theories, I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.


Any other questions?

If there’s anything I haven’t covered here, please email me. I would love to answer any other queries you may have.

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