The power of positive thinking

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Whilst this December is not full of the usual drinks and dinners with colleagues, friends and family, it’s a good opportunity to use some of your time to start shifting any negative mindset you may have to a more positive one.

It might seem simple, but it can actually be a lot harder than you imagine to start thinking in a more positive way. However, when you take responsibility for your thoughts and empower yourself to change, amazing things will happen. Lifting your mood and your energy has a knock on effect on those around you too!

Benefits of Positive Thinking

Here are some of the reasons for why thinking more positive is a great idea!

You become a happier person. When you are more positive about life and yourself, you are a happier person. You find joy in the simple things and understand all the things you have to be grateful for.

It can help to relieve stress. Dealing with a lot of emotional stress in your life? You will be amazed by how much it’s relieved just by thinking more positively.

You gain momentum and increase productivity. It can also be an excellent tool for increasing your productivity, thanks to the renewed confidence you have.

Others will be more positive as well. Keep in mind that the mindset and attitude you have around other people is contagious. If you are constantly negative, they will end up being more negative as well. But, if you are positive, that can also spread to your friends, co-workers and loved ones.

Ways to increase your positivity

List your reasons.  Write down the reasons you want to be more positive.  Try to come up with a minimum of 3-5.  Some suggestions for you:  it can help with daily happiness and joy; you’re struggling with a pessimistic attitude; your physical or mental health is suffering; other people pick up your negative attitude.

Choose Daily Positive Affirmations.  Positive and uplifting statements help to create a positive mindset.  Think of 5 affirmations that you can use every day. Some general ones could be:  I am grateful for my life; I can accomplish anything I put my mind to; I will have a wonderful day.

Learn How to Reframe Your Negative Thoughts.  Learning to recognize negative thoughts and then make them positive is a process that you can commit to. By becoming aware of your old habits and ways of thinking, you can choose to improve them.  Here are some tips to help:

  • Analyze your negative thought. When a negative thought enters your mind, try to analyze it and where it came from. It might be completely irrational, in which case it’s easier to shift to a more positive mindset.
  • Accept what has already happened, and that it cannot be changed. Some negative thoughts are based on a bad situation or loss. Acknowledge that it has already occurred and that there is nothing you can do about it now but move forward.
  • Look for intention and action. Sometimes, your negative thoughts aren’t about something that has been proven to you, but more a fear. Are you afraid you will never get a promotion? Well, why not? Is this based on what you have been told, or your own inaction? This is where you can shift it into a positive focus by understanding there are actions you can take to turn this around.

Express Gratitude This is another way to be a more positive person through one simple act. There are many ways you can do this, some of which are:

  • Write one good thing in a journal – describe something good that happened to you, or what you are most grateful for.
  • Show appreciation for someone in your life who you are grateful for.
  • Give someone a compliment. This is a wonderful way to not only express gratitude, but help others do the same.

Expressing gratitude is advice you will hear often because it is beneficial not just for you, but everyone you come in contact with. Gratitude begets gratitude, and happiness. These habits are contagious, so you aren’t just helping yourself, but others as well.


Have a go and you’ll discover how much better you and those closest to you feel!  It’s the perfect Christmas 2020 gift idea!!


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