Mindful Eating

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Nutrition

The benefits of mindful eating

Where are you at with the concept of mindfulness?  Do you think it’s just one of the latest health trends and you’re skeptical or are you already convinced about its benefits in today’s hectic world?

Mindfulness is becoming more and more talked about and with good reason.  Our lives are full of distractions and stress and it’s easy for everything to become overwhelming.  That’s where mindfulness comes in.

Today we’re looking at mindful eating.

So what is mindful eating exactly?

It’s s a type of awareness you have during the moment of eating your food. Similar to other forms of mindfulness, you enter a place of non-judgment, and instead appreciate the current moment, from what you are eating and whether you are enjoying it, to details like the taste, texture and temperature of your food.


Is it the Same as Mindfulness?

 Mindful eating is a type of mindfulness that uses the same principles. The main difference is that you’re using it in a specific task as opposed to more general mindfulness throughout the day. But as a definition, yes, mindful eating is using mindfulness tools and techniques.


Why Mindful Eating is so Beneficial

There are many ways you will benefit from concentrating on when you’re eating.

Heal your relationship with food – If you tend to feel guilty or try to control your food, you might not have a great relationship with food. Mindful eating is going to ease these stresses and help you allow all food and understand that it is not something to fear.

Learn to eat slower – Eating slower helps you focus more on your food and how it makes you feel, gives you time to notice when you are feeling full, and helps a lot with your digestion.  You’ll also eat less if you’re eating more slowly.

Have a better understanding of hunger and fullness – You will also start noticing your own body’s cues when it comes to when you are truly hungry or emotionally hungry, and when your body is full.

Know what food satisfies you and makes you feel good – By paying attention to how you feel after you’ve eaten, mindful eating also helps you figure out what foods your body does and doesn’t like. For example, some people may discover an intolerance they didn’t know they had, others just prefer certain foods at specific times of the day.


Easy Ways to Get Started

 Not sure where to start? The easiest thing to do is choose one meal or snack a day when you tend to be alone without a lot of distractions. All you have to do is turn off the TV, move away from your computer, or turn your phone to silent. Then just eat your meal without those distractions. This alone is often enough to help you start becoming more mindful.

Why don’t you choose one meal today where you can try it out?


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