To feel well is to perform well

With pressures and challenges posed by modern day, digital living, stress related issues are now at an all-time high.

A way to counter this is through implementing workplace wellness schemes, which :

  • support and promote overall health and well-being of employees
  • reduce absenteeism and stress
  • improve performance

Wellness programmes benefit your business, driving the success of your organisation by strengthening the foundations.

Health is wealth – well-being studies and research

Research continues to demonstrate the link between corporate well-being and employee productivity. Studies show that well-being programs have positive performance-related outcomes.  By teaching employees that self-care is not an indulgent trend but is essential in today’s fast-paced society, the individual benefits and so in turn does the organisation.

Read some research here:  Researchgate | Rand Report







Nutrition – Lifestyle– Self-care

My Corporate Wellness packages are designed with people at the core. Wellness workshops and webinars give groups of employees or private individuals the chance to take a step back from their professional, personal and daily responsibilities in order to re-group, re-charge and re-energize.

Participants discover a renewed focus and sense of wellbeing, boosting their sense of engagement and commitment.


  • An effective well-being programme creates a prosperous and progressive work culture, with reduced health costs and increased performance.
  • Offering employees on-site access to lifestyle improvement tools, education and practical tips on eating and living well goes a long way in balancing health and well-being.
  • Productivity rises, and staff turn-over falls with motivated staff and a healthy, happy work culture.


On-site solutions for interactive, practical tips on various aspects of healthy eating and healthy habits.

BOOST YOUR BREAKFAST   A good breakfast feeds the brain. This hands-on workshop provides a variety of healthy, nourishing, energizing breakfast options to set you up in the optimal way for the day ahead.

SMOOTHIE SESSION   An interactive workshop explaining how to construct the perfect smoothie for ultimate nutrition.  Options for all tastes to provide you with goodness in a glass.

STRESS & SLEEP  Two fundamental pillars of health that effect productivity but are often undervalued.  Discover why they are so important and learn tips to improve.

DESIGN YOUR OWN  Together we can create the right workshop to meet your current requirements.


Programmes can be on-site or on-line via webinar for multi-site participation and are structured as follows:

  • Foundation course
  • Optional, additional sessions, chosen from a programme menu to suit your focus areas

All programmes can be tailored to fit the need and vision of your company.

Online courses can include live sessions with interactive Q&As at the end.

Added value : sessions may be recorded for future use.

“During the times of Covid-19, our employees enjoyed and highly appreciated Lindsay’s health and nutrition sessions. The healthy recipes and practical tips that Lindsay provided were a real hit for our employees… Our expectations were met and we can recommend her courses to others.”                            — Dr. Nicole Hättenschwiler, PwC | Organisational Development | Culture and Change Expert

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“The first health is wealth.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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