Is it time to step up? Time to do that thing you secretly want to do, but you don’t fully believe you can?

If you want to make some changes to your life but you’re struggling with a lack of confidence and self-belief and you don’t know where to start, then this is for you!

Upgrading your mindset so you know you can face life’s challenges is so powerful.  It’s something that you can build on, always rely on and that no-one else can take away.

This eGuide is packed with my favourite Health and Positive Psychology coaching tips to give you a launchpad towards feeling strong, both physically and mentally.  In the guide you’ll find the practices that helped me feel better when I was down, and the ones that continue to keep me feeling positive, hopeful and energised.

5 Ways to Confidence is an amazing way to start:


🔷 Boosting your positivity

🔷 Improving how you deal with negative situations

🔷 Remembering what your values are and who you are

🔷 Thinking about your relationships and the people you have around you

🔷 Nourishing your body from the morning (with my favourite breakfast recipe!)

This eGuide is here to empower you and support you as you take the first steps towards feeling brilliant and powerful! 

Are you ready to start building your confidence, take back control, reconnect with your values and believe you are truly capable?

I’m Lindsay, a Health Coach and Positive Psychology Coach.  I want women to believe they can and I use what I’ve learned from these two coaching approaches to wellbeing to help women find their confidence and direction and make lifestyle choices that energise them.

When you work with me we start from your mindset, discovering and building on your character strengths so you understand and truly believe that you have what it takes to achieve what you want.

Lindsay Guest

What my clients say

“Lindsay is very well-versed in all aspects of wellness, goal setting, motivation and everything you need to set well-thought-out intentions and make a new plan for your future! She will push you to be your better self and provides strategic ideas to ensure you avoid failure! She is warm and nurturing and provides a safe space to delve into life’s big issues! I can highly recommend engaging with Lindsay for a life-changing experience!”

Penny Walker


“Lindsay combines the perfect mix of energy, empowerment, dedication , professionalism and great passion, all of this with the exact right amount of empathy.”

Prune Clerici


“Thank you so much for the strengths session!  Honestly it came at a time where I was pretty overwhelmed, so highly useful and something I will be returning to to help keep me on track.”

Alexi Love


“I really enjoyed doing the strengths session with you.  Finding out what my best qualities are and knowing that I can use them everyday for work, in my relationships and to solve problems gives me a special tool to rely on. You’re a great coach and your enthusiasm is energising and motivating.”



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