5 Day Sugar Free Plan

Why wait until January?!


Do you want to conquer your cravings and stop giving in to sugar?

What if instead, you do a mini sugar-free plan at the end of November?

Kickstart the holiday period with 5 days of healthy eating so that:

  1. You’re ready for the festive fun, looking great and feeling full of energy
  2. You arrive in December sugar craving free
  3. You can then enjoy the holiday indulgences without completely over-exaggerating so that you don’t need to have a restriction-filled January.

    With the plan, you’ll get:

    • 5 days of recipes and menu plans
    • Easy and delicious meals with blood sugar balancing, nutrient-packed ingredients
    • Learn to identify and avoid hidden sugars
    • Discover the healthier alternatives to sugar

    Do you crave sugar, bad carbs and junk?  You will love feeling free from your sugar dependency once you learn what to look out for and you try 5 days of sugar-free eating.

    Sugar is everywhere, often in foods that you would least expect.  And the more you eat of it, the more you need to get the same effect.

    This programme gives you everything you need, all laid out in a simple to follow format,  so the old ‘I don’t have time’ excuse just won’t cut it!

    Try this easy-to-follow plan so you can:



     Ever felt like a slave to sugar during the festive season? Break free and enjoy the holidays with a newfound energy. Our sugar-free plan iis designed to invigorate your body, so you can savour the holidays without the burden of cravings holding you back.



    Picture this: You at holiday parties, enjoying treats in moderation, not succumbing to the sugar trap. Our plan equips you with the tools to indulge sensibly, so you can have all the seasonal good stuff without guilt or overindulgence.



    Navigate festive drinks and family gatherings confidently, as the cravings lose their grip. Feel in control, making mindful choices that align with your health goals. No more post-party regrets—just enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.



    Bid farewell to the bloated, lethargic start of the year. By detoxing now, you set the stage for a vibrant beginning in January. No crash diets or resolutions needed—just the satisfaction of having laid a strong foundation for a healthier you.


    It’s always the right time of year to start building new good habits!

    Sugar can reduce the absorption of some vitamins and minerals, it is incredibly inflammatory and it causes mood swings, tiredness and weight gain!

    The mini 5 day plan is a great way to take control and create lasting positive change.  You’ll clean out and nourish your body in just a few days.


    Join for the start date of 23rd November and you can have access to the private Facebook group for free!

    You will get coaching from me throughout the programme to keep you motivated, answer any questions, give you tips to keep you on track.

    The Facebook group gives you the opportunity to join with other like-minded people and create community and support.

    What are you waiting for?!

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    Health Coach

    If you think ‘healthy’ has to be boring, expensive, time consuming and mean you’ll be hungry and feeling deprived… let me show you another way!

    Do you need help finding the right foods for your busy life? I help people to create sustainable eating and health plans that work with the most hectic of schedules.

    Ready to change your eating habits?

    Ready to lose weight naturally?

    Ready to have more energy?

    Discover the difference that a healthy, balanced diet and lifestlyle can make.

    Let’s go!

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