5 Day Mini Cleanse

Do you want to feel full of energy, sleep better and have clearer skin?


This is a fantastic way to reboot your health and feel amazing from the inside-out.

Feel great in just a few days with EASY, delicious and cleansing recipes.

Why do a mini cleanse?


  • You’re feeling bloated, tired, achy, lethargic or you simply want your jeans to close more easily!
  • You’re busy and don’t have time to plan your menus
  • You want to give yourself a health boost and feel energised and revitalised
  • It’s time to improve your diet and you want to kickstart a healthier way of eating

Do any of these resonate with you? Then this is the programme to go for!

It gives you everything you need and you’ll enjoy easy, delicious recipes and a meal plan that is simple to follow.

We’re surrounded by toxins from our environment and also from our food. The 5-Day Mini Cleanse will clean you out to help your body burn fat efficiently, reduce inflammation and boost your organs to work at their best capacity.

What you get

An enormous value package worth well over €100!


  • Cleanse Guide with ideas for detoxing your body naturally
  • 1 day pre-cleanse preparation guide
  • 4 day suggested meal plan
  • Fantastic 4 day recipe guide
  • Private Facebook group (optional)

All yours for only EUR 27!

As well as helping your physical health, a detox will also give you a mental boost.  By following this programme you’ll notice that you have more mental clarity and more energy.

You’ll cut out processed foods, dairy, wheat, soy and sugars that leave you lacking in nutrients and feeling exhausted.

The 5 day mini cleanse is a great way to launch yourself towards a more energetic and healthy lifestyle.  You’ll clean out and nourish your body in just a few days.


Join for the start date of 16th May and you can be a part of a private Facebook group for free!

You will get coaching from me throughout the programme to keep you motivated, answer any questions, give you tips to keep you on track.

The Facebook group gives you the opportunity to join with other like-minded people and create community and support.

What are you waiting for?!

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Health Coach

If you think ‘healthy’ has to be boring, expensive, time consuming and mean you’ll be hungry and feeling deprived… let me show you another way!

Do you need help finding the right foods for your busy life? I help people to create sustainable eating and health plans that work with the most hectic of schedules.

Ready to change your eating habits?

Ready to lose weight naturally?

Ready to have more energy?

Discover the difference that a healthy, balanced diet and lifestlyle can make.

Let’s go!

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