Are you ready to use your strengths to move forward with confidence and create an amazing life you’re excited to live?

Strengths Mastery

Using your strengths is the pathway to success and
happiness in all aspects of your life.

With this Strengths Coaching Programme you will unlock your personal power and understand how your unique combination of talents can help you create a fantastic future.

  • Have you lost your sense of identity after divorce or separation?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, lacking in direction and scared of the future?
  • Or maybe you’re in another time of change and you need to step up, be confident and move forward in your career?

    Strengths coaching is an evidence-based approach to building happiness and success.  It gives you the tools to navigate the highs and lows so you achieve your goals and move forward with confidence and direction.

    Your strengths give you your cutting edge. They’re the difference between good and great.

    Is it time to:

    • Identify your innate character strengths?
    • Learn how to leverage them?
    • Build indestructible confidence and self-belief?
    • Feel confident in taking important decisions?
    • Feel more empowered and resilient?
    • Stop procrastinating?!
    Strengths coaching

    I’m Lindsay

    … and I’m here to help you discover your zone of genius, to identify what makes you unique and to show you how to use the talents that you already have to create an exciting future.


    I’m a Certified Health Coach (IIN) and Positive Psychology Coach (PPCA)

    Born in the UK, but living in Switzerland for 18 years, I know the importance of building a supportive community and the power of resilience and self-belief, especially when faced with life’s tough challenges.

    The combination of my coaching specializations, together with my own lived experience of having to create a new future for myself, very different to what I had imagined, mean I’m expertly placed to help you feel hopeful, excited and confident to go out and live an amazing life.  

    My framework of healthy eating, healthy living and healthy mindset with strengths and positivity at the core is both simple and practical, leading to huge transformation.

    I focus on Strengths coaching because of the difference it made to me and my own self-belief. It helped me find confidence and direction, and it can help you too!

    Are you ready to unleash your potential?

    Why Strengths Mastery works

    Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential and leads you to greater performance.  Strengths psychology is about building on what you’re instinctively good at rather than trying to improve your weaknesses.

    Learning what your strengths are and how they help you achieve success gives your confidence and helps you move forward with determination and self-belief, armed with the knowledge that you are capable.

    Your talents are the most important raw material for strength-building.  Identify your most powerful talents, enhance them with skills and knowledge, and you will be well on your way to living the strong life.

    Knowing your strengths builds resilience.  It helps you to counter negative events in your life and you can bounce back faster from tough times.  They also serve as a compass to use to take decisions that are aligned with your values.

    The more you use your strengths, the more engaged you are in what you’re doing, the happier you are in doing it and therefore you’re more productive.

    Create positive upwards spirals in your life.

    What you’ll gain

    Rediscover Your Strengths:

    You are capable of achieving whatever you want. We’ll work together to identify your unique character strengths and show you how to leverage them to take on new challenges and overcome obstacles.

    Reignite Your Confidence:

    If you doubt your abilities, or feel lost in life, this journey of self-awareness will bring you back to yourself, remind you of your values and show you that you have everything you need. 

    Craft a New Vision:

    Is it time to pivot in your life and do something new? We’ll help you explore new directions, set inspiring goals, and create a vision for the fulfilling life you deserve.

    Manage Responsibilities with Ease:

    Balancing your responsibilities as both an individual and a parent can be overwhelming. Our coaching provides practical strategies to manage these roles, reducing stress and increasing your sense of control.

    Empowerment and Resilience:

    Our sessions go beyond surface-level changes. We’ll work on building lasting empowerment, and resilience, equipping you with tools to face any future hurdles with confidence.

    Research has shown that two-thirds of people are unaware of their strengths.

    What about you?  Do you want to belong to the third who really knows their talents?  Do you want to consciously use your strengths to understand your area of genius and thrive in your life?

    Create positive upwards spirals in your life.  

    What you get

    • Pre-session Character Strengths Assessments

    You can’t develop what you don’t know you have!


    • 4 x 90 min Strengths Coaching Sessions

    Empowerment for long term success and happiness


    • Techniques to use and capitalise on to flourish in all aspects of your life.

    Identify your talents ➡️ cultivate them into strengths  ➡️ thrive!!

    Whether you want better communication at home or at work, to improve your relationships, or more success in your job, strengths training is the way to achieve it.

    Discover your strengths, your areas of natural genius and see just how far you can go!

    We’ll use proven methods which have helped millions of people to flourish. Do you want to gift yourself this experience?

    Contact me to find out more about the Strengths Mastery programme and how it can help you thrive.


    ✨ Positive Psychology Approach: We believe in focusing on strengths and growth, providing you with a positive outlook and practical strategies.

    ✨ Safe and Supportive Space: Our coaching sessions are a judgement-free zone where you can freely express your thoughts, concerns, and dreams.

    ✨ Experienced Coach: With a background in positive psychology and health coaching, I am committed to guiding you on this transformative journey.

    ✨ Proven Results in 4 Sessions: In just four focused sessions, you’ll experience tangible shifts in your mindset, confidence, and outlook on the future.

    The investment

    €850 EUR

    Payment options available. Information on request.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who is this coaching package designed for?

    This coaching package is for women who want to change how they see themselves and how they approach life.  If you have a new challenge you want to take on or are facing a new chapter of your life and you need a confidence boost, then this is the ideal programme. You will take a deep-dive into your strengths and your values and really understand who you are and what’s important to you. You finish this programme with an indepth knowledge of the unique skills you have to achieve what you want.  

    2. What is positive psychology, and how does it relate to this coaching?

    Positive psychology is an approach that focuses on strengths, personal growth, and cultivating a positive mindset. Our coaching is rooted in positive psychology principles, which means we’ll help you identify your character strengths, shift your perspective towards the positive aspects of your life, and empower you to overcome obstacles with a growth-oriented mindset.

    3. How will this coaching help me after divorce?

    Going through a divorce or separation is a major life change, whether you chose it or not. Our coaching sessions will guide you through a transformative process of rediscovering your strengths, rebuilding your self-belief, and creating a vision for a fulfilling future. We’ll provide you with practical tools to navigate the challenges ahead with resilience and empowerment.

    4. How long is the coaching package?

    The coaching package consists of four sessions to be held on 4 consecutive weeks from the start date, which must be within a month from date of payment.  Each session is carefully structured to cover specific topics and provide you with actionable insights and strategies. These sessions are designed to be impactful and effective, allowing you to experience noticeable shifts in your confidence and outlook within a relatively short period of time. The 4 sessions should be held within a 6 week period. 

    5. How do I know if this coaching is right for me?

    If you’re at  time in your life when you want to regain or boost your self-confidence, rediscover your strengths, and create a new vision for your future, this coaching program is designed with you in mind. If you’re seeking support, guidance, and a positive community, this could be the transformative experience you’re looking for.

    6. What can I expect from the coaching sessions?

    Our coaching sessions will be personalized to your needs and goals. You can expect a safe and supportive environment to share your thoughts and challenges. We’ll work together to identify your strengths, set goals, and create actionable steps to rebuild your confidence and find a new direction in life.

    7. Will I have support between sessions?

    Yes, we understand that personal growth happens beyond our coaching sessions. You’ll have access to resources, exercises, and tools to work on between sessions. Additionally, you can reach out via email for any questions or concerns that arise between our scheduled meetings.

    8. Do you offer any refunds?

    If you decide not to continue after the first session, you will be refunded 50% of the amount paid.  A 25% refund will be paid for cancellation of the programme after the second session.  

    9. Is my privacy and confidentiality ensured?

    Absolutely. Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. Our coaching sessions are conducted in a secure and confidential environment, and we adhere to professional ethics to ensure your information remains private.

    10. Can you guarantee results?

    Results are dependent on the amount of work you put in.  The guidance and resources we provide are scientifically-proven and research based but ultimately it comes down to you. The power is in your hands!  

    Feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions or concerns. We’re here to support you on your journey of rediscovery, empowerment, and growth.

    Remember, each question is a step closer to a brighter future. Reach out today to start your transformative journey with us!