Do you want to dive in straight away, using some amazing resources at your own pace?

Have a look at these self-guided programmes to start you off on your life-improving journey.  You will get fantastic, structured information, including recipes and healthy living tips as well as email support from me. 

14 day Stress & Sleep Solutions

Your essential health foundations

CHF 85

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Why you want this programme

You are exhausted from living in a constant state of stress, running from one task to another and juggling the needs of work/family/house.

You often forget to breathe properly and are thinking about the next item on your to-do list rather than on what is happening right now.

Build the foundations to your health as you re-discover your energy.  It’s difficult to eat well and be in control of your day if you’re tired and stressed.  This is the place to begin!

Sleep is often overlooked, seen as a luxury, rather than a fundamental part of our basic, essential health requirements.  When you finally do put your head on our pillows, falling into a peaceful sleep is not as easy as it should be.  Stress, worries, anxiety and being generally still too ‘switched on’ means that many of us struggle to drop off easily and also to then remain asleep throughout the night, getting quality, restorative rest.  And then we start to pay the consequences.

So let’s remedy that now, shall we?!  Are you ready to start?

What do you receive?

Beautiful ebooks and guides for you to work through, taking the small steps you need to transform how you feel.  Tips and suggestions are realistic, do-able and enjoyable!

Emails from me throughout the programme to help to keep you motivated and provide support and encouragement.

Stress: Be inspired to look after yourself more throughout the day, using a combination of natural remedies, self-care practices and mindset shifts.  When you do go to bed, you will be more ready to achieve the healing, restful sleep your body  needs.  Enjoy your day and see the benefit on not only yourself, but those around you too.

Sleep:  Learn why you need to prioritise you sleep. Find out how to improve your sleep through what you do in the day as well as in the evening.  Discover how improved sleep can help to reduce depression and anxiety, strengthen your immune system and help with weight loss.

And then….

FREE 4 day mini-cleanse! (worth CHF 35) Once you’ve finished your 14 day lifestyle make-over, waking in the morning refreshed and ready to really enjoy your day, it will be the perfect time to really reap the benefits of a short clean-eating programme.  Filled with delicious, simple recipes, it will complete the transformation in how you feel and look and to send your energy levels soaring.  No difficult ingredients, meals are planned for you and you won’t go hungry!

All of this for CHF 85?? What are you waiting for?

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21 day How to Eat for Life!

Clean-eating programme

CHF 125

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Your long-term solution to weight-maintenance, glowing skin, high energy, mental clarity.

Who is this for?

This is for you if:

You have realised that diets don’t work long-term.

You are fed up with feeling guilty and disappointed in yourself when you fall off a diet

You generally eat well but want to build on the foundations for your future health

You’re looking for recipes to improve the health of you and your family

You’re looking for a healthy eating lifestyle to restore your energy


Why you want to do this programme

Free yourself from sugar addictions, leave processed food behind.

Throw away the scales!  Lose and permanently keep off the excess weight.

No more dieting! Find the path to health, confidence and energy – feeling strong and looking great!

Your long-term solution to weight-maintenance, glowing skin, high energy, mental clarity.

It’s your non-diet,  your anti-diet! Your  new way of living!

What do you receive?

  • 21 Day Clean Eating GuideA step by step manual showing you exactly how to eat the right way, ensuring that you get all the nutrients your body needs WITHOUT feeling deprivation or guilt!
  • A Simple recipe GuidePacked with over 30recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied.
  • Suggested Meals:To help you stay on track and achieve your goals.
  • Shopping Lists: To make food prep and cooking easy.
  • Handouts: bonus handouts to keep you motivated and show you how to make these changes permanent. Sneaky preview – one is Healthy Cocktails (you weren’t expecting that!)
  • Food DiaryAn amazing tool to help you keep track of how you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the program.

Through this programme you will take back the reins and take your life in the direction you want to go.

The 21 Day How to Eat for Life programme will take you to living an energised, rejuvenated life in less than a month!

6 week Family Health Re-set

Healthy living and eating for all the family

CHF 195

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Why you want this programme

This is the ultimate DIY programme to create lasting healthier eating and lifestyle habits for you and your family.
When you are busy juggling life it can be hard to cover every area of your family’s needs. This is the springboard you need help you improve what and how you eat, reduce chemicals around the home and discover mood-improving habits for all the family.

What you will receive

By the end of this programme you will have carried out a reset on your eating and lifestyle patterns. Each week you will receive amazing guides and e-books looking at different topics such as:

  • Healthy eating tips for picky kids
  • Healthy snacks for kids
  • Mindful activities for all
  • Healthy, lasting rituals
  • Natural remedies and alternatives
  • Detox your home

All of this together with:
28 day whole food recipe guide – recipes and suggested meal plans for a whole month.

Special bonus! FREE 1 hour 1-to-1 coaching session with me, mid-programme.

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