In person

Discover the benefits of coaching whilst creating a community of like-minded people to support your growth. Each course focuses on a specific topic and helps you to integrate positive food and lifestyle habits into your daily life.

I love group classes – both running them and taking part in them. There are many reasons why group coaching can help you achieve the results you want:


  • Develop a support system – it helps to see that you’re not alone in your challenges and will boost your willpower!
  • Collaborate – women working together procrastinate less and achieve more!
  • Learn from each other – listen to the experience of others and hear different perspectives
  • It’s more fun together! Enjoy encouraging each other and celebrating each other’s success
  • MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION! Group work is a great way to find encouragement and inspiration to keep moving towards your goals

Virtual groups

I also run online challenges and courses of varying lengths. This is a fantastic way to join in and be part of a group of women with the same goals and struggles as you from the comfort of your own home. Online groups allow you to participate when you can, at a time of day that suits you whilst still benefitting from the sense of community, support and encouragement.

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Upcoming events

So what’s coming up next?


  • Brunch bites @ Mytree Yoga, Montagnola, Switzerland – Sunday 6th September 2020                                                        Come and discover some delicious grab-and go breakfast, snack and smoothie ideas to fuel your body and your brain prepared with love and high-vibe ingredients.  Find new and tasty options to enjoy before work, school and of course pre- and post-yoga.                                                                                                                                             for bookings

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